Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Raniny day Sweater has so many casual comfortable jackets and sweaters. And this one is my favorite, as you probably know how much I LOVE reversible jackets. It’s charcoal gray on one side and printed red design on the flip side. I am wearing this exact sweater as I type right now and its really warm and comfy. I put some Diesel faded jeans on with my black vans and I look and feel very stylish. It’s very fitting for today’s rainy day.
I was in the kitchen micro waving my jap chae and rice for lunch and our secretary came in and said “ that sweater looks really good on you Matthew!” She’s a hotty~

I’ve told myself to stay away from online poker but played a long $25/$50 NL headup session on Full Tilt and my brain is fried. I should be up 12K but ended up only winning 3K because of this horrible bad beat. I didn’t actually loose the pot but I ended up splitting it when I was about 20/1 when the $ went in.

He raise me preflop $225 and I reraise him w/ KK. Flop comes A clubs K clubs J clubs.
I bet out pot and he pushed rasied me and we managed to go all in on the flop for 28K pot. Turn comes 10 diamond river Q heart. After that hand he just took off with his chips, probably feeling like he won a damm jackpot.

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