Friday, March 28, 2008

White jeans and sandals are a NO NO!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the look but its just not possible to wear white jeans with sandals. First the bottom of your pants gets really dirty. Imagine wearing this on a rainy day, you’ll end up looking like a mop.

I love these jeans because they are loose and its low rise but I just cant wear them with sandals.
I don’t like washing my jeans so many time but with these white True Religions, I might have to drop it off at the cleaner every time I wear it.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Go Green for Saint Patrick day!!

Go Green for Saint Patrick day!

For my Saint Patrick’s Day cocktail party I bought the green Ralph Lauren Chino Sports Coat and luckily it got here on time. I was going to wear my cashmere v-neck sweater that I wear every Saint Patrick’s day but fell in love with the new polo logo and couldn’t refuse. It actually looks good with the collar up with the matching blue tie but in going to wear a v-neck shirt inside with the collar down. Love these versatile sports coat, I could wear it with my collar popped, I could wear it with shorts and I could even wear it with jeans.

Cashmere sweater are for every season

Oh, how I love wearing cashmere. Cashmere sweaters are so very special in that you can wear it in every season. I wear my white v-neck cashmere sweater during the winter inside my jacket and I wore it to a picnic last Saturday.
Personal Tips:

1. Don’t wear cashmere with sandals or any open toe shoes. I love wearing sandals with a pair of vintage jeans but it almost impossible to pull off a cashmere sweater with your toes showing. I sometimes ever wear dress shirts un-tucked with a pair of skinny vintage jeans and sandals but I’m really against cashmere and sandals.
2. Don’t wear a hat with a cashmere sweater. I have a hat fetish and I probably own more hats that shirts but hats don’t really go with cashmere sweater. I’ve tired every different kinds and saw many of the celebrities trying to pull it off but Justin Timberlake came closest to pulling it off but still couldn’t. But if anyone disagrees with this statement you have to actually take a picture and prove it to me b/c I just cant see it happening.

Just bought some Gilded Age cashmere striped crew neck from RevolveClothing and man they fit and look just perfect.