Thursday, December 27, 2007

4 reasons why poker players are the worst dressed athletes.

4 reasons why poker players are the worst dressed athletes.

Don’t get me wrong I am a huge fan of poker and I’ve been a student of the game for about 5years. I’ve even played professionally for 3 years and I think I might be one of the few players that decided to quit playing full time while winning consistently to pursue other dreams and aspirations in my life.
Like everyone else I’ve started playing the lower limits for a long period of time and went up and up gradually with the bankroll and the confidence in my play. In the last year of my professional poker career I’ve played everyday with no name pros to some of the greats like Dan Harrington, Phil Laak, Huck Seed and many other poker legends at Commerce Casino. As they were extremely good at poker I found another similarities among the entire poker player, which was their fashion style.
I knew majority of them had at least 10 thousand dollars in their pockets but if I were to see them in the middle of down town after a long tiring poker session I wouldn’t be able to differentiate them between the downtown homeless people. And it got me thinking, why do these people wear clothes that look like they bought from a garage sale for 3 dollars?

1. First to be a professional poker player you need to be in the most comfortable clothes as possible. You never know weather you are going to be playing a quick 4-5 hour session to a long 20-30 hour session if the game is live.

2. There is no point of looking good in a poker room. The ratio of male to female is 20 to 1 and majority of the women are old retired grannies who come to blow away their well fair check on lower limit hold em for the name of entertainment and also for their chance of bad beat jackpot. And poker players don’t need to look nice to pick up on some girl for a date or even a one-night stand. They would rather pay and buy themselves a date or some skank will come thinking that the rich poker player can somehow take care of them financially if they were to become their part time girl friend.

3. Being rich and looking rich is not a very good combination for a poker player. When I use the word rich, I don’t mean they are rich by having a multi million-dollar house with money saved up in their saving account. I mean they have a lot of cash that they are willing to gamble in the name of winning. Many of the poker players get robbed on the way home so they are very careful when driving from and to their office, which is the casino. So dressing in Armani suits with Gucci shoes will only give you a big red bull eye on your back.

4. The fourth reason why poker players dress horribly is because they are not interested in fashion. To become a poker player you need to only focus on poker 24 hours a day. As people might think poker cannot be considered a sport because anyone can become a poker player, is totally an incorrect statement. First of all poker I believe is the most competitive sport that’s out there on ESPN. To compete with Kobe Bryant you need to play basketball all throughout your youth and become one of the best players in the world to join the NBA. But poker is different because anyone can compete with any of the players. All you need is some money and the knowledge of the game. I know that many of the legendary pros play poker on Fulltilt and I see them sitting and playing on small games like .25 cent .50cent no limit hold em. To become a great poker player you have to live and breathe poker. There are so many poker books to read, so many different games of poker you need to master like holdem, limit, no limit and HORSE, which is 5 different poker games and many other games that some of the pros don’t even know how to play. You need to put in full time playing live and some online. Need to practice short-handed game, HU (heads up) and even play in the long and dreading tournaments that’s going around all over the world. So this is why they don’t have time for fashion and shopping for that matter.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Cross being misrepresented??

I wore this Diesel White Bead Cross Collage Necklace to church last Sunday and got into a minor argument with one of my close church friend Andrew. The conversation went something like this.

Andrew: Thats a funky looking necklace Bobby.

Me: I just got it from Nordstroms. Dont make fun at it man, I paid a lot of money for this.

Andrew: Man how many crosses are there on this necklace? There are like 3-4 crosses on that thing. Man, we have no idea what the cross symbolizes these days. Designers will use a cross as a design or a decoration without knowing what it really stand for. What are you doing Bobby promoting something like that to church.

Me: Hey man I didnt buy it because of the cross, I bought it because the necklace looked good. And I know what the cross represents, it represents our Jesus Chirst who died for us on the cross.

Andrew: I hate the fact that the cross is being used just as a design on a shirt or on a necklace and people lost the true meaning of the cross. I remember I went inside a store and saw a shirt with the cross in the middle and had skulls and angel wings behind the cross. Would you buy that shirt and wear that to church?

I visualized the t shirt logo and I felt kinda sick to my stomach. I kinda knew where he was coming from. I bought the Diesel necklace just liking the way it looked without even noticing the crosses on the necklace.

We ended our conversation on a good note by understanding each others point of views. What do you think. First do you like this Diesel necklace? Do you think the cross is being misrepresented from the fashion designers?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I've been thinking about the way I've been dressing and I really dont think I have a specific style. I have nice $300 true religion jeans and also some Aeropostale $9.99 jeans that I bought for 30% off. I have a nice Parada slacks that I wear to work but I catch myself at the Dodgers game with some 40 inch Ben Davis creased in the middle with my blue Dodgers jacket and a Dodgers fitted hat.

I was just re organzing my closet and I've realized that I couldn't wear 2/3 of the clothes that were in my closet.
Because I've been going to the gym for the last 4 months I've lost 25 lbs. I went from 185 lbs to 160lbs and I am very pround of my accomplishment but I feel none of my clothes fit me any more.

Just rambling like I always do jumping from one subject to another but I have a question.
"Could a guy wear overalls to the mall and pull it off in the name of fashion?"