Friday, January 25, 2008

Do's & Don'ts on Sunglasses

1. Wear the sunglasses that fits your head and nose shape. Don’t ask which brand you should buy but which style fits me well. You could end up looking like terminator or even Waldo if you wear the shades that don’t fit you well.
2. Wear them outside, wear them when you drive.
3. Wear then on your nose not on your cheeks. I see people wearing their sunglasses on you’re their cheek instead of on their nose. If your nose is too flat then you can always take then inside the store that you purchased them and ask then to adjust it so that it stays on your nose. And you look ridiculous when you take off your sunglasses and have a big half a circle arc on your cheeks; it makes you look cat like.


1. Don’t wear sunglasses indoor especially in dark places. It only makes you look like a fasionless fool. (Unless you’re a celebrity and you don’t want people to notice you while your shopping for food or if you lack a confident poker face and need to hide under your dark sunglasses on the felt)
2. Sunglasses are made for your eyes to be protected form the blazing sun during the summer. So where does it belong? Yes on your eyes. So please don’t wear them on top of your head as a hair band, don’t wear it backwards on your head and don’t make it hang on your shirt, making your round neck look like a v-neck. Unless you’re a cute girl that wants to show off some more of your cleavage, please don’t wear it hanging in the middle of your shirt.
3. Don’t buy $5 sunglasses at a gift shop. 1st, they don’t look good. 2nd your never going to wear them ever again and 3rd its horrible for your eyes.
4. Don’t wear bright reflecting sunglasses. They are long out of style after Ultimate Warrior left WWF and poker player like Greg Raymer tried to bring his lizard style back but never worked. So don’t buy them and especially don’t wear them.

Tips on Sunglasses

I’ve received this email an email from Jesse last week asking me which sunglass brand he should buy.

“ Hey Bobby, I want to buy some new shades but I’m not sure which brand I should buy. I am willing to spend $100 to max $150 but I don’t know where to start searching. Could you give me some feed back? “

When picking out a sunglass you shouldn’t ask what brand you should buy but what style fits you well. It all depends on how your face is structured and the height of your nose and your facial physiques.

I looked you up on myspace and found your picture. Because you have long but small head shape with a long nose you should go with a bigger lens sunglass. If you want to buy something less pricey I would recommend the brown on brown DKNY for only $60 or if you want to spend some more money I would invest in some shiny gunmetal/ grey Prada which is $285. Because both of these sunglasses is not narrow in the middle of the glasses it will make you nose look shorter and you’re face looking narrower. I think they will both look really good on your face shape. I hope this helped.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Raniny day Sweater has so many casual comfortable jackets and sweaters. And this one is my favorite, as you probably know how much I LOVE reversible jackets. It’s charcoal gray on one side and printed red design on the flip side. I am wearing this exact sweater as I type right now and its really warm and comfy. I put some Diesel faded jeans on with my black vans and I look and feel very stylish. It’s very fitting for today’s rainy day.
I was in the kitchen micro waving my jap chae and rice for lunch and our secretary came in and said “ that sweater looks really good on you Matthew!” She’s a hotty~

I’ve told myself to stay away from online poker but played a long $25/$50 NL headup session on Full Tilt and my brain is fried. I should be up 12K but ended up only winning 3K because of this horrible bad beat. I didn’t actually loose the pot but I ended up splitting it when I was about 20/1 when the $ went in.

He raise me preflop $225 and I reraise him w/ KK. Flop comes A clubs K clubs J clubs.
I bet out pot and he pushed rasied me and we managed to go all in on the flop for 28K pot. Turn comes 10 diamond river Q heart. After that hand he just took off with his chips, probably feeling like he won a damm jackpot.

Monday, January 21, 2008

River Bluff with no Chips

I went to Vegas last week for a business conference and decided to play some poker while I was there. Like I mentioned in my previous blog that I have been a student of the game for about 5 years and I even played professionally for about 3 years.

I ate lunch at the Bellagio buffet and decided to sit in the 10/20 NL hold em game, full. Everyone had about 2-10K in front of them except for this guy in a coyboy hat who had about 25K in front of him. I sat in seat 4, which is my favorite seat and played a good session. I bought in 5K and told myself not to get into any major pots until couple rounds of watching how these guys play but like always I couldn’t control myself from raising with a 10 7 of hearts. The big stack looked me up from the button and re-raised me preflop and I called. Flop comes 79J with two clubs on the flop. I checked and he bet out 3/4 of pot and I called. Turn came 4 clubs and I check and he bet out 2/5 of the pot and I called not sure of where he was. River came a meaningless 2 of heart and I checked and he over bet the pot on the river. I wasn’t sure what was happening, on the turn but I just had a weird feeling he was making a move thinking that I was some kind of amateur tourist that he can bully around. He seemed like a table bully and I wanted to show these guys that I can make calls with the best hand even if it was 3rd pair. Letting them know that I wont be bluffed and called. Funny thing was he showed me AQ of clubs, nut flush. I got up and felt stupid and took a walk away from the table.

I felt really stupid but I gave him props for playing it well by over betting the pot on the river. If he made any type of bet other than an over bet on the river, even if the 8 came making me the straight, I could have probably gotten away from the hand.

I come back to the table and buy in another 5K and have about $8,200 in front of me. Played a good aggressive but tight 4 hr session and this amateur tourist comes and sits down to my right buying in 20K. Fortunately I accumulated my chips to about 16K and had an aggressive image on the table. Players knew that I wanted to play for big pots and that I am capable of making huge bluffs. That was the image I had but not really the style that I was playing. I called under the gun with 34 of clubs and the guy on my left raises it to $110 preflop and there were 4 other callers including the amateur who sat on my very right. I reraise huge trying to let people know that I limped in with a huge hand under the gun. Everyone folds except for the amateur who was called the initial raise of $110 on his big blind. He gave me an “ I wont be pushed around look” and called my reraise of $950 preflop thinking that I could easily be on a steal or a squeeze play. Don’t get me wrong this guy knows what he is doing but everyone at the table knows that he’s the softest player on the table. Flop comes 7clubs 8clubs 2 diamond. He bets out pot, which was $2,700. When he called preflop I didn’t put him on a small pocket pair but two over cards so I factored out a set. I didn’t think he would bet out with a flush draw because he looked like he was going to take the pot on the flop if no high cards came out, putting me on AK. I decided to raise him back with my 34 of clubs and made it $7,500. He thought about it for the longest time and called. Turn came A of spade and he checked. I went all in for the remaining of my chips which was a little over 7K and he went inside the tank. He didn’t look at me at all but was just staring at the pot. I knew he was on a horrible draw and he knew he could only hit his draw to win the pot. There were about 18K in the pot and his exact words were “ I gamble!”

I felt sick to my stomach holding the 34 of clubs but knew I had tremendous outs when he showed me 9 10 of hearts but I didn’t open up my hand yet. He was chasing an open ended straight draw all the way down, that was sick! Before the river came I said “are you kidding me, you called me with 10 high” and right before I could even think about asking the dealer to run it couple times the dealer threw down a river card an A of heart. I was looking at him the entire time but caught the A of heart in the corner of my eyes. (This is one of the best benefits of having small slanted Asian eyes. This and sleeping during lectures and not getting caught cheating on a test) I didn’t turn my head and kept looking at him and said “You wana chop the pot?” He looked at me with excitement and said what? I said, “I didn’t see the river card but I don’t want a bad beat for my entire bankroll, do you want to chop the pot?” He was confused and this was when I made my final bluff, “alright forget it this is my last time before I look a the river card, do you wana chop?’ and he said ok and I showed my 34 of clubs and we chopped the pot. It would have been a $33,000 pot if I would have hit any clubs, any 3 and 4, any 5 but unfortunately I couldn’t win the entire pot. But I feel I made the best river bluff of my life without any chips.

I felt so good about the way I had played that exact hand. I think I ‘ve played preflop well, flop good, turn excellent but river perfect to the dime without having any chips. Right after this hand I picked up my chips and went to club Pure to celebrate my crazy poker sessions with my friends.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Will You Marry ME???

I can’t believe I am writing this on my blog. This is like top-secret secret and my girl friend should never find out about this blog before this Valentines Day. I am finally proposing to my girl friend and every time I think about it, it feels like my stomach is being twisted by Hawk Hogan at his prime.

I’ve borrowed this small Japanese restaurant in Beverly Hills called Sunomi’s for Valentines Day and me and three of my closest buddies are going to decorate the place the night before. Were still not exactly sure how we want the place to look but I’ve got a pretty good idea in my head.

This is how the day is planned. My girl friend planned a picnic at a private park in Irvine and afterwards to Hip Kitty our favorite jazz bar in Claremont. During our romantic lunch my 13-year-old cousin Johnny, who my girl friend adores will call her cell phone and start crying uncontrollably and ask her to put me on the phone. She doesn’t know that but he’s been taking acting classes every Saturdays and Sundays for about 8 months and he passionately wants to become an actor in Korea.

I cant be giving away all of the details, so later that night I plan on proposing to my girl friend at the restaurant that we met exactly 5 years ago for the very first time.

Wish me luck; I am actually squatting on my chair b/c I’m so nervous just talking about this. And for those of you that been reading my blog that questioned my sexuality, yes I am getting married. And she’s a girl. Just because I’m into fashion does not mean I’m also into men, not that there anything wrong with that.

But for my attire I finally found what I wanted to wear for the occasion. It took me 3 months to finally decide on what I am going to wear but here it is. I am going to be wearing the white Ralph Lauren Purple Label Savile Row Linen Blazer and the pants. Inside I will be wearing the pink Ralph Lauren Purple Label Clayton Narrow Stripe Barrel shirt. For my shoes I am not sure if I should wear my black Ferragamo or be wild and wear my red Ferragamo. I’ll decide that by tend of this week.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Mike&Chris Hoodie.

This is my all time favorite hoodie. It’s my favorite hoodie of the year. Drum role. De gu, de du, de gu… The 2008 hoodie award goes to “Mike & Chris Nickel color dynamic duo hoodie!!”

Not only does it look good but the material also feels soft and it’s the whole package. The best part about this hoodie is that it actually has a big hood so that I can wear it on a rainy day. There are some hoodies that have the hood just for the look. I can’t even fit my head in some of the other hoodies or when I barely fit my head in I look like a condom with shoulders.

The clothing company Mike & Chris should pay me for this PR article. But did I already mention the best thing about this sweater? There is something better than the comfortable big comfortable hood. You ready, the hood is detachable and it has a totally different look with the hood off. It really looks like a different sweater with the hood off. When I was in middle school I used to love the reversible sweaters because it was like buying 2 sweaters for the price one. I would play basketball with it on and when it gets dirty I would take it off and flip it around and wear it all clean again. But there was one bad thing about the reversible sweaters and that was that one side looked so much better than the other side. I’ve never till this day bought a reversible sweater and really liked both design of each side.

But I’m telling you this hoodie gives the urban vintage look with the hood on but when the hood is off it looks more European elegant feel. It goes really well with all types of jeans and some dress pants also. I wore it to a small house party last night when it was raining and the hood really protected me from getting wet and it also maintained my hairstyle AND I got couple compliments from the ladies.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Asians can't pull off Flashy Sweaters

I thought I liked all types of music, and found out I was totally wrong while writing my previous blog. But I really think I like all different types of men’s fashion except for some of the flashy bright sweaters and shirts. I love being flashy and being the center of attention but I cannot pull these flamboyant bright sweaters off. I went to Macy’s website the other day and saw this tall built African American model wearing this Limited Edition Coogi “Biggie” Crew neck Sweater so I thought this would be a perfect sweater to wear for the Christmas party. I ordered it and paid $425 for it and waited for it to be delivered in time for the huge Christmas party that we were having at my friend’s parent’s mansion in OC.

Right when the package arrived I ripped open the box like a boy opening up his Christmas present under the tree on Christmas day. I grabbed the sweater and ran to my closet to tryed it on. When I saw myself in the mirror I really looked like a fool. It looked like a sweater that my grandma knitted for me on Christmas when I was 13 years old. I hated that sweater passionately because it made my neck all itchy and it always smelled like mothball. And every time it rained my mom made me wear that green and red knitted sweater to school and I would always be the laughing stock for that entire day. That’s what this sweater reminded me of.

When a tall nicely built good looking African American model wore this sweater it looked really luxurious flashy but when I, the skinny pale Korean put this on, I truly looked like a clown.

I was so disappointed but I got back on my feet and jumped on my computer to find myself the best looking sweater for my 07 Christmas party.

Merry Christmas and have A blessed New Year!!

Soldier Boy "Youuuuu!!"

I’m into all types of music and especially all type of fashion and style. Ok, I can really appreciate all types of music except for country music and some rap songs these days. I was and still is a big fan of rap and hip hop music but there are song poptarted songs these days that just makes me want to retire from listening to some of the hip hop radio stations. Soldier Boy singing “Youuuuuu” is such a dukin dounurch song.

---Dunkin dounurch is a combination of stupid, lame, what the monkey milk etc..---

With country music, I just don’t like it just like I don’t like Mexican music. I might be biased about Mexican music because when I used to live in LA I would always wake up at 7am on Saturday which is my hibernating day to bumping Mexican music form my next door neighbors house while a car alarm is going off outside on the street.

I would love to sing it for you guys because words cant describe what that sounds like after a long night of partying, especially at 7 in the morning. So with the Mexican music I might be biased and maybe later on I might end up liking it.
So after writing my blog I just came to a conclusion that I don’t like all types of music. I don’t like Country songs, I am biased against Mexican music and I hate some of the dunkin dounurch rap music, especially Soldier Boy “ Youuuu!!!!”

I might dislike Mexican music but I love my fellow Mexican immigrants. I only had a problem with my Mexican neighbor when he would bump the music early Saturday morning but other than that we would always hang out with each other at his house and watch soccer games betting push-ups and beers for each goal.