Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oh, How I HATE impersonal mass text messages!

Oh, How I HATE impersonal mass text messages!

We live in this culture where everything that we do is so impersonal. I remember back in the days when I used to receive written Valentines Day cards from my girls in my middle school. You either had to be popular or special to receive a written personal Valentines day card from your class mate girls but now its just a button away from mass text messages and emails to all the people you know and don’t know on your phone or your emailing list.

I hate that! I received a text message today from a girl that I went to college with and it said “Happy Valentines Day!!” I mean, is this supposed to make me feel special? We haven’t even talked for about 2 years and because I somehow still had the same phone number I was the lucky 1 out of 300 people that received this Valentines Day text message.

I get grossed out when people send me a Christmas card by email saying “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” just to see that this same card went out to other 145 people on their emailing list. What happened to hand written cards? I mean hand written cards that have meaning in it, personal meaning. I know real estate agents are taught this from their first real estate class that personal cards by mail are important to maintain a relationship with the future home buyers. But to receive a card that doesn’t say anything but their sloppy signature that they got sick of mass singing just makes me want to puke. I mean why don’t they just get a stamp of their name and make their secretary stamp the damm thing like the president does when he gives out letters to elementary students that received straight A’s throughout their entire elementary years. I only remember that because yes, I had gotten straight A’s throughout elementary and also because I felt special receiving a personal letter from the president with a photo copied photo his face inside the letter. After braggin to my older sister she burst my bubble by telling me that the signature wasn’t his signature but just a stamp a secretary stamped on my letter.

So please, please give personal hand written cards and letters on your next day of celebration. Or at least give the person a phone call to make them feel special. And next time you decide to mass email or mass text, just don’t do it at all. I personally rather not receive one than to receive a mass impersonal message.

Happy Valentines Day my lovely fiancé Kiely!!