Monday, January 7, 2008

Mike&Chris Hoodie.

This is my all time favorite hoodie. It’s my favorite hoodie of the year. Drum role. De gu, de du, de gu… The 2008 hoodie award goes to “Mike & Chris Nickel color dynamic duo hoodie!!”

Not only does it look good but the material also feels soft and it’s the whole package. The best part about this hoodie is that it actually has a big hood so that I can wear it on a rainy day. There are some hoodies that have the hood just for the look. I can’t even fit my head in some of the other hoodies or when I barely fit my head in I look like a condom with shoulders.

The clothing company Mike & Chris should pay me for this PR article. But did I already mention the best thing about this sweater? There is something better than the comfortable big comfortable hood. You ready, the hood is detachable and it has a totally different look with the hood off. It really looks like a different sweater with the hood off. When I was in middle school I used to love the reversible sweaters because it was like buying 2 sweaters for the price one. I would play basketball with it on and when it gets dirty I would take it off and flip it around and wear it all clean again. But there was one bad thing about the reversible sweaters and that was that one side looked so much better than the other side. I’ve never till this day bought a reversible sweater and really liked both design of each side.

But I’m telling you this hoodie gives the urban vintage look with the hood on but when the hood is off it looks more European elegant feel. It goes really well with all types of jeans and some dress pants also. I wore it to a small house party last night when it was raining and the hood really protected me from getting wet and it also maintained my hairstyle AND I got couple compliments from the ladies.

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