Thursday, January 3, 2008

Soldier Boy "Youuuuu!!"

I’m into all types of music and especially all type of fashion and style. Ok, I can really appreciate all types of music except for country music and some rap songs these days. I was and still is a big fan of rap and hip hop music but there are song poptarted songs these days that just makes me want to retire from listening to some of the hip hop radio stations. Soldier Boy singing “Youuuuuu” is such a dukin dounurch song.

---Dunkin dounurch is a combination of stupid, lame, what the monkey milk etc..---

With country music, I just don’t like it just like I don’t like Mexican music. I might be biased about Mexican music because when I used to live in LA I would always wake up at 7am on Saturday which is my hibernating day to bumping Mexican music form my next door neighbors house while a car alarm is going off outside on the street.

I would love to sing it for you guys because words cant describe what that sounds like after a long night of partying, especially at 7 in the morning. So with the Mexican music I might be biased and maybe later on I might end up liking it.
So after writing my blog I just came to a conclusion that I don’t like all types of music. I don’t like Country songs, I am biased against Mexican music and I hate some of the dunkin dounurch rap music, especially Soldier Boy “ Youuuu!!!!”

I might dislike Mexican music but I love my fellow Mexican immigrants. I only had a problem with my Mexican neighbor when he would bump the music early Saturday morning but other than that we would always hang out with each other at his house and watch soccer games betting push-ups and beers for each goal.

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