Friday, January 25, 2008

Do's & Don'ts on Sunglasses

1. Wear the sunglasses that fits your head and nose shape. Don’t ask which brand you should buy but which style fits me well. You could end up looking like terminator or even Waldo if you wear the shades that don’t fit you well.
2. Wear them outside, wear them when you drive.
3. Wear then on your nose not on your cheeks. I see people wearing their sunglasses on you’re their cheek instead of on their nose. If your nose is too flat then you can always take then inside the store that you purchased them and ask then to adjust it so that it stays on your nose. And you look ridiculous when you take off your sunglasses and have a big half a circle arc on your cheeks; it makes you look cat like.


1. Don’t wear sunglasses indoor especially in dark places. It only makes you look like a fasionless fool. (Unless you’re a celebrity and you don’t want people to notice you while your shopping for food or if you lack a confident poker face and need to hide under your dark sunglasses on the felt)
2. Sunglasses are made for your eyes to be protected form the blazing sun during the summer. So where does it belong? Yes on your eyes. So please don’t wear them on top of your head as a hair band, don’t wear it backwards on your head and don’t make it hang on your shirt, making your round neck look like a v-neck. Unless you’re a cute girl that wants to show off some more of your cleavage, please don’t wear it hanging in the middle of your shirt.
3. Don’t buy $5 sunglasses at a gift shop. 1st, they don’t look good. 2nd your never going to wear them ever again and 3rd its horrible for your eyes.
4. Don’t wear bright reflecting sunglasses. They are long out of style after Ultimate Warrior left WWF and poker player like Greg Raymer tried to bring his lizard style back but never worked. So don’t buy them and especially don’t wear them.

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