Thursday, January 3, 2008

Asians can't pull off Flashy Sweaters

I thought I liked all types of music, and found out I was totally wrong while writing my previous blog. But I really think I like all different types of men’s fashion except for some of the flashy bright sweaters and shirts. I love being flashy and being the center of attention but I cannot pull these flamboyant bright sweaters off. I went to Macy’s website the other day and saw this tall built African American model wearing this Limited Edition Coogi “Biggie” Crew neck Sweater so I thought this would be a perfect sweater to wear for the Christmas party. I ordered it and paid $425 for it and waited for it to be delivered in time for the huge Christmas party that we were having at my friend’s parent’s mansion in OC.

Right when the package arrived I ripped open the box like a boy opening up his Christmas present under the tree on Christmas day. I grabbed the sweater and ran to my closet to tryed it on. When I saw myself in the mirror I really looked like a fool. It looked like a sweater that my grandma knitted for me on Christmas when I was 13 years old. I hated that sweater passionately because it made my neck all itchy and it always smelled like mothball. And every time it rained my mom made me wear that green and red knitted sweater to school and I would always be the laughing stock for that entire day. That’s what this sweater reminded me of.

When a tall nicely built good looking African American model wore this sweater it looked really luxurious flashy but when I, the skinny pale Korean put this on, I truly looked like a clown.

I was so disappointed but I got back on my feet and jumped on my computer to find myself the best looking sweater for my 07 Christmas party.

Merry Christmas and have A blessed New Year!!

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oompaloompa said...

eww..I personally don't like this sweater..and I can't believe it's $425!!!