Monday, December 17, 2007

Cross being misrepresented??

I wore this Diesel White Bead Cross Collage Necklace to church last Sunday and got into a minor argument with one of my close church friend Andrew. The conversation went something like this.

Andrew: Thats a funky looking necklace Bobby.

Me: I just got it from Nordstroms. Dont make fun at it man, I paid a lot of money for this.

Andrew: Man how many crosses are there on this necklace? There are like 3-4 crosses on that thing. Man, we have no idea what the cross symbolizes these days. Designers will use a cross as a design or a decoration without knowing what it really stand for. What are you doing Bobby promoting something like that to church.

Me: Hey man I didnt buy it because of the cross, I bought it because the necklace looked good. And I know what the cross represents, it represents our Jesus Chirst who died for us on the cross.

Andrew: I hate the fact that the cross is being used just as a design on a shirt or on a necklace and people lost the true meaning of the cross. I remember I went inside a store and saw a shirt with the cross in the middle and had skulls and angel wings behind the cross. Would you buy that shirt and wear that to church?

I visualized the t shirt logo and I felt kinda sick to my stomach. I kinda knew where he was coming from. I bought the Diesel necklace just liking the way it looked without even noticing the crosses on the necklace.

We ended our conversation on a good note by understanding each others point of views. What do you think. First do you like this Diesel necklace? Do you think the cross is being misrepresented from the fashion designers?

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